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Hilariously Bizarre Photo Of Mitch McConnell Surrounded By Social Distancing Reporters Has A Very 'Harry Potter' Vibe To It

Alex Wong/Getty Images

While many Republican lawmakers followed President Donald Trump's lead and initially dismissed the threat posed by the virus that's upended daily life in the United States, they're now following health experts' recommendations to practice good health habits—after several Republican lawmakers were exposed to or infected with COVID-19.

One component of the practice—social distancing—entails staying a minimum of six feet apart to lessen the chance of spreading the virus through microscopic saliva droplets projected through speech.

It's all scientific, but a new photo of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) carries a hilarious air of accidental fantasy.

Check it out.

Twitter user @SketchesbyBoze saw elements of memorable moments in the Harry Potter series, in a scene where wizards and witches battle the evil Voldemort in the main ruling building of the magic world: The Ministry of Magic.

Here's a video, in case you need a visual aid.

People thought the comparison was spot on.

They soon began replying with Harry Potter allusions of their own.

Others brought it out of the wizarding world all together.

These pictures may have led to jokes, but taking back the Senate and the White House are no laughing matter.

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