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Retired Teacher Floored After GOP Lawmaker Says 'I Don't Care About Your Feelings' In Response To Letter

Retired Teacher Floored After GOP Lawmaker Says 'I Don't Care About Your Feelings' In Response To Letter
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In response to an earnest teacher's letter asking Missouri GOP Representative Chuck Basye to rethink his extreme stance against transgender girls, the Republican politician replied, in writing:

"I don't care about your feelings."

Retired teacher Nedra Jeffress of Independence, Missouri wrote to the state lawmaker in an attempt to explain the harmful impact of keeping transgender girls from participating in sports while in school.

She wrote:

“I’m wondering if there is data supporting the need for bills regulating this in Missouri or if this (is) a solution in search of a problem.”
“As an educator who has worked at the middle school and high school level in Missouri, I know how hard it is for transgender students to be accepted by peers, parents, churches and some teachers."
"If they are able to participate on an athletic team, they may find acceptance important to their well-being."
"I hope you would sponsor bills that support positive mental health for each citizen of the state of Missouri instead of proposing bills that attack a population already at risk."
"Thank you for your time.”

Basye's reply to his constituent was transphobic and overly aggressive.

He answered:

“Nedra, Do your own research. I don’t care about your feelings nor do I care about your resume."
“Bottom line, my intent is to keep women’s/girl’s sports for the female gender."
“If a person was born with a penis, that individual doesn’t belong in sports designed solely for females."
“Now go ahead and have your meltdown and/or temper tantrum. Remember, Let’s Go Brandon!!”

His answer was criticized as unprofessional, impolite and childish.

One person wrote:

"This man owes so many people a public apology."
"13 days and he will be gone!!"
"Chuck Basye to #Missouri teacher: I don’t care about your feelings."

Another person tweeted:

"It's incredible that this person is on the public payroll but has zero comprehension of what it means to be a public servant."

Someone else noted:

"Any lawmaker who says ‘I don’t care about your feelings’ is unfit for the responsibility of public service..."

Jeffress was a teacher in Independence, Missouri for 29 years.

Many are disgusted with Basye's petulant, peurile reply to a taxpaying voter from his own state.

Someone tweeted:

"Hateful response to someone sharing legitimate concerns based on actual personal experience working with teenagers."

Another person commented:

"It truly is weird to see elderly folks just be so unprofessional, petty and immature."
"And these folks are supposed to represent the people."
"If you ever treated someone at work the way some government officials have been treating each other and private individuals, you’d be fired."

The letter to Basye came in response to a proposed measure by Basye to limit transgender student rights.

It would allow individual school districts to hold votes to prohibit transgender girls from playing on girls' sports teams.

The measure was approved by the Missouri House on April 15.