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Michelle Obama Nails Fortnite's 'Orange Justice' Dance While Visiting Children's Hospital

Michelle Obama Nails Fortnite's 'Orange Justice' Dance While Visiting Children's Hospital

If there's one constant to the universe, it's this: the kids love Fortnite. One thing many players love about the cartoonish battle royale video game is its library of collectible dance moves players can teach their character to do. When Michelle Obama made a surprise appearance at a children's hospital in Colorado on Thursday, one child asked her what her favorite dance move, and when she didn't have an answer, she quickly found herself getting a lesson on Fortnite's popular dance move "Orange Juice."

In the video, Obama nails the move solo before encouraging Santa Clause himself to join her:

Twitter was, unsurprisingly, pretty obsessed with the former first ladies moves:

Michelle Obama was passing through Denver as part of her tour to promote her new autobiography, Becoming. With over three million copies already sold, it's the best-selling book of the year, despite being released only a month ago on December 13.

While visiting the hospital, Obama also participated in a humorous reading of The Night Before Christmas. The former first lady has been drawing laughter from crowds at many of her stops, eliciting giant guffaws from a crowd in Detroit when, according to the Detroit Free Press, she made this reference to Donald Trump's legal woes:

"We can't make mistakes. We can't get indicted."

At that same stop, she made reference to the double standards her family had to face in the White House versus those Trump is judged against:

"There is a difference in standards. We are seeing that right now. We live with double standards all the time."

Earlier this week, Obama penned a note for CBS's Note to Selfseries, where she wrote back to herself in the past:

"But even now, after you reached your goal, you're still not quite sure if you belong and can't get one question out of your mind: 'Am I good enough?' Your family will make history, breaking barriers and filling out a more complete picture of the American story. You'll meet two popes and the Queen of England. People will fill stadiums to hear you speak. It will be easy to think you're something special. Just remember that there are millions of people who grew up like you did and don't get this kind of spotlight. Reflect the light back on them."

Note to Self: Michelle Obama pens emotional letter on loss, love, and making

Though her days in the White House are over, Michelle Obama continues to inspire everyone she comes into contact with.