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Melissa McCarthy Tears Up After Hearing How She Helped Interviewer Through His Depression

An interviewer surprised the 'Little Mermaid' star by wearing the 'crazy cupcake' necklace she donned in her 2015 comedy 'Spy' to honor how she's helped him get through tough times.

Melissa McCarthy; Interviewer

Melissa McCarthy was deeply touched after an interviewer showed The Little Mermaid actress how she helped him get through a period of depression.

Joel Creasey, an Australian stand-up comedian and presenter, made McCarthy become emotional by showing her a certain necklace he was wearing that held significance during an interview on the radio show, Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel.

Creasey told McCarthy about how everyone has that "person" who cheers them up when they're having a bad day, and he revealed that she was that person for him.

He recalled a period of having anxiety and deep depression and how his boyfriend forced him to get up one day with a special surprise.

Creasey said of his boyfriend:

"He was dressed in a suit and he handed a little box across the table to me."

Inside was the "crazy cupcake" necklace resembling the one McCarthy's character Susan Cooper wore in the 2015 action-comedy, Spy.

The moment Creasey's boyfriend had staged was a nod to a scene from the film when the necklace first makes an appearance.

The necklace with an adjustable toggle featured a cartoon cupcake with sad eyes on the frosting and exposed sharp teeth at its base.

Here is a clip from Spy featuring the necklace.

Spy (2015) - Crazy

McCarthy's jaw dropped and said while giggling:

"That is not what I thought. I did not see that coming."

She began wiping a tear from her eye, adding:

"It's gonna make me cry."

You can watch the touching moment, here.


This is so special. 🥹🧁 #DisneyTheLittleMermaid #MelissaMcCarthy

Creasey continued by revealing that if he ever did an interview with McCarthy, he would wear the necklace.

"Oh my God, that makes me so happy," said the actress, who plays Ursula from The Little Mermaid–which is Disney's latest live adaptation from their spate of animated films.

TikTokers related to Creasey's "my person" choice.






The hideous necklace may be making a comeback.



McCarthy said that she remembered the exact moment when the writer and director of Spy, Paul Feig, showed her the cupcake necklace for the first time.

"He was laughing so hard, and I was like, 'Where did you find it and why am I being given this?'"
"And he goes, 'I don't know why but it's perfect.'"

Creasy noted the necklace itself was "hideous," to which McCarthy agreed and winced.

He added:

"It's hideous but it's beautiful. So thank you."
"You're my person. On a really dark day, I will put on a Melissa McCarthy film."

McCarthy's Mermaid co-star Halle Bailey–who plays the titular character in the film, was seen getting emotional as well.

McCarthy closed the segment by saying of the necklace:

"That is lovely and that is hideous. But you wear it really well.