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Trump's Press Secretary Falsely Criticized Obama For Golfing During Crisis In Resurfaced Video, And The Irony Is White Hot

President Trump has been caught golfing during almost every critical moment of his time in office.

Even now, with American death numbers continuing to rise due to the virus, Trump flew to Virginia to play on one of his courses.

Now, Republican pundits are defending the President, but videos from Obama's presidency reveal their hypocrisy.

Kayleigh McEnany, the President's press secretary, has been one of his staunchest defenders as he takes golf trips.

But when President Obama was President and McEnany was a conservative cable news pundit, she had pretty specific feelings about golf trips.

In a newly resurfaced clip, she says:

"When we're in a state of mourning, you should take time off from the golf course."

You can watch the clip here:

Even putting aside McEnany's obvious hypocrisy, she wasn't even factually accurate within the clip.

Daniel Pearl was killed in 2002, four years before Obama took office.

Meanwhile, at present day press conferences, McEnany continues to push falsehoods about President Obama.

And as Trump's press secretary continues to defend him and Americans suffer, he plays golf.

McEnany has never been above spewing falsehoods.

McEnany sure isn't making any friends on Twitter, where going back on previous statements is a cardinal sin.

Other clips also surfaced showing McEnany attacking President Obama for doing some of the same things Trump is doing.

Ultimately, the golfing isn't a big problem aside from the funds going into Trump's pockets.

Lying, however, most certainly is.

Perhaps McEnany should start reviewing her own past statements before she issues new ones.