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McDonald's Customer Gets Way More Than He Bargained For After Asking For 'Extra Cream Cheese'

One of the universe's greatest mysteries has to be exactly what goes on behind the scenes at an average McDonald's.

In Canada, Twitter user Bryan Passifiume surely had this question on his mind when he ordered a McMuffin with "extra cream cheese."

The behemoth that was delivered to him was nigh uneatable, as the pictures clearly show.

Bryan couldn't believe the ungodly amount of cream cheese that had been put on his sandwich.

Twitter users gagged looking at photos.

Maybe Bryan could unload some of this cream cheese on a new friend?

Whatever's happening in that McDonald's kitchen must be pretty laid back.

The only thing left for Bryan to do was to compare his new McMuffin to other thick objects.

Nothing makes you more popular around the office than the world's largest, cheesiest McMuffin.

Also, since when has McDonald's HAD cream cheese?

Is this a Canadian thing?



Dear McDonald's: extra cream cheese doesn't mean ONLY cream cheese.

Sincerely, all of us.