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Matthew Perry Finds Uncanny Parallel Between Chandler And The Joker, And Now It's All Anyone Can See

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It's been fifteen years since the end of Friends, but most of those iconic moments stick out forever in our memories.

One in particular is drawing some really intense comparisons to Joaquin Phoenix's iconic staircase scene in Joker.

Matthew Perry himself really enjoyed this particular moment:

While Perry said he "doesn't know" who made the image, he still enjoyed the moment.

Chandler's dancing is already pretty iconic.

People were seeing other parallels to Joker as well.

Nobody knew what Chandler's job really was on Friends, right?

What if, this whole time, it was being the titular clown prince of crime himself?

Stay tuned for the sequel to Joker:

Chandler's Hidden Secret.

Just kidding.


Joker is available for pre-order here.