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One-Eyed Matador Gets An 8-Inch Chunk Of His Scalp Ripped Off By An Angry Bull 😱

One-Eyed Matador Gets An 8-Inch Chunk Of His Scalp Ripped Off By An Angry Bull 😱
Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Matador Juan José Padilla was competing in a Spanish bullfight this past Saturday, July 7, when he lost his footing an was repeatedly gored by the attacking bull. As two colleagues led him away, Padilla had to hold his scalp together with his hand.

Padilla has been gored in the past, losing his eye in 2011.

He was "taunting the bull" when he stumbled, allowing the bull to gain the upper hand and gore him as he was on the ground.

*Warning: Graphic Content*

Padilla was rushed to a nearby hospital, which performed a CT scan to ensure there was no brain damage, before moving him to a Seville hospital to be treated by his personal doctor, Alberto García-Perla. Medical experts believe Padilla's is extremely lucky to have survived.

The bullfighter received 40 stitches and remained conscious during the procedure. He posted to Facebook:

Many thanks to all the followers of the page for their love and demonstrated support.

He also took the time to reassure his scared fans:

I am very well and I want to reassure everyone that my condition after the accident is favorable because I feel very well. Now I'm in Seville and I'm waiting for Dr. García-Perla to take care of me, who's going to check my wound, explore it again and he will advise me how to continue with the recovery. I have been overwhelmed by so many expressions of affection, respect and encouragement as much towards me as my family did, and I want to thank all those who have been able to recover from the mishap suffered on Saturday in Arévalo.

Padilla is well known in Spain for his flamboyant style, and many fans (among whom he is known as "El Ciclón de Jerez") think of him as a hero-like figure. Of course, his injury was ultimately great news for the bull, who would have been killed had everything gone according to plan.

There's little doubt that Padilla will eventually return to the bullfighting ring, however. After all, he's been injured on the job many times before. The New York Post reports:

Padilla lost an eye during a fight in Zaragoza in 2011, had his glass eye smashed out of its socket in 2017, and he was also wounded in the neck in Pamplona in 2001.

It will take more than tearing off 8-inches of scalp to keep Juan Padilla away from fighting bulls!

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