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QAnon Congresswoman Dragged For Decrying Metal Detectors As The 'Real Voter Suppression'

QAnon Congresswoman Dragged For Decrying Metal Detectors As The 'Real Voter Suppression'
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

As the House of Representatives considers passage of H.R. 1, a bill aimed at stopping voter suppression and bolstering citizen's civil rights throughout the country, many Republicans have risen in protest.

Their motivations are obvious and sometimes explicit. Republicans believe that making voting fairer and easier for all people would hurt their chances of winning elections.

Yet, somehow, some Republicans' arguments are even worse than the truth.

On Tuesday, March 2, conspiracy-theory supporting GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia took to the floor of the House to argue the "real voter suppression" in our country is the metal detectors outside the halls of Congress.

the safety measures were added by the Capitol Police Department after a mob of Trump supporters including White supremacists and QAnon adherents stormed the Capitol complex killing a Capitol police officer, leading to the deaths of six others including two more officers who took their own lives in the aftermath and causing millions of dollars in damage.

You can watch Greene's remarks here:

Twitter couldn't believe this was a real thing an actual congressperson said.

Greene argued, with complete sincerity, the lines she stands in to safely enter the House are voter suppression.

However the far longer lines Georgia citizens waited in to vote are just part of the process.

Greene's logic seemed almost unfathomably flawed.

As is so often the case, Greene is concerned with what's affecting her and doesn't care about what's happening to her constituents.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's role in Congress was limited after being stripped of her committee assignments.

But that apparently won't stop her from making the kind of claims that got her in trouble on the House floor.

Voting is an American right and making it as accessible as possible for citizens should be a priority for all elected representatives.