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Marine Police Recruit Attempts To Turn Over Capsized Boat, And It Doesn't Work Out To Well For Him ๐Ÿ˜‚


Starting a new job is never easy, but when you're joining the Metropolitan Police's marine policing unit the effects of being a newbie can be a little more embarrassing.

The unit's latest recruit found that out the hard way when he was tasked with righting a capsized boat โ€“ but it didn't go quite to plan.

In fairness to the novice, he probably hadn't expected the added pressure of being filmed, or for that film to then be shared hundreds of times on Twitter, but it looks like he took it like a champ.

That didn't stop fellow service people poking a bit of fun though.

Let's be honest: It's hard not to at least chuckle at his misfortune.

Some called out the other marine officer for just standing there and not helping out...

And for making the new recruit's first boat-righting task such a tricky one.

Of course, many were encouraging too.

But give him some more tries and he'll be helping people up and down the Thames in no time.


A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.