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Mariah Carey Has Epic Response To Texas Bar Banning 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'

Mariah Carey Has Epic Response To Texas Bar Banning 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'
AAFCA 2021 via Getty Images

In case you didn't hear Mariah Carey's social media announcement the other day, it is officially "All I Want for Christmas Is You" season as of November 1, whether you like it or not, Thanksgiving be damned!

And while plenty of people are celebrating, one exception is the Stoneleigh P bar in Dallas, Texas, which went viral last week when it announced a ban on Mariah's perennial Yuletide hit until December 1.

Bah humbug!

Now of course, being the Queen of Christmas and Also All Other Things, Carey wasn't about to take this lying down while being fanned and fed grapes like Cleopatra, as she deserves.

After the notice caused an uproar on social media, Carey had the perfect response, without saying a word.

Quote-tweeting someone who quipped that Stonleigh P's ban constituted "the war on Christmas," Carey posted a photo of herself from a commercial she did in 2015 in which she played the commander of a retaliating force.

Ma'am Yes Ma'am!


It all began with a viral tweet showing off Stoneleigh P's notice, seen below.

Not only is the bar banning the Christmas earworm until December, but it is enforcing a limit of one play per night thereafter. In the words of Carey herself, "How bout you get the fu*k out," Stoneleigh P!

The draconian ban on everyone's (yes everyone's, don't fact check us!) favorite Christmas song might explain why Carey's subsequent announcement of "All I Want for Christmas Is You" season a few days later on November 1 was so forceful.

She didn't just announce the calendar change over, she also bashed in a set of Halloween pumpkins—with a candy cane bat, no less--just to make sure there was absolutely NO confusion on whose season it is now.

Looking at you, Stoneleigh P!

All in good fun, of course--the bar's owner told CNN that she doesn't hate Christmas or Mariah. It's just that the song gets played so frequently in the bar that it drives her and her staff bonkers every year.

Fair enough.

But on Twitter, most people were decidedly Team Mariah, and they loved her response to the whole thing.


In the end, Stoneleigh P and anyone else's resistance has already been rendered futile.

"All I Want for Christmas Is You" had already landed on both the U.S. and Global lists of the top 200 most-streamed songs on Spotify as of November 2.