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Polish Police Are On The Hunt For Four English Speaking Tourists Wearing 'Mankinis'

Polish Police Are On The Hunt For Four English Speaking Tourists Wearing 'Mankinis'

The mankini became famous all around the world when it was donned by Sacha Baron Cohen's infamous character Borat in the film Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Now, Polish police are on the hunt for four English-speaking tourists who were caught on CCTV walking around Renaissance Market Square last week wearing only the revealing lime-green swim suits.

Police spokesperson Sebastian Glen said the group of English-speakers committed "indecent antics" and could face a fine of £1,000 along with 30 days in custody if convicted.

Glen commented that tourists visiting the city for stag parties, especially those drinking excessively, are known to cause disturbances in Krakow.

Twitter couldn't help but chuckle at the four international fugitives:

In 2017, four Czech tourists posed for a photo in Astana wearing mankinis and were fined £40 each. Fortunately, Sacha Baron Cohen reached out on Facebook, offering to pay their fines:

"To my Czech mates who were arrested. Send me your details and proof that it was you, and I'll pay your fine."

It turns out that mankini-related crimes are not all that uncommon. One resort in Cornwall, England, even went so far as to ban them entirely, resulting in a noticeable drop in crime.

The moral of the story? Try not to wear a mankini in the middle of the city. Or at all, if you can help it.