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Guy Calmly Crushes Wasp Nest With His Bare Hand, Then Shoves It In His Mouth In Bonkers Video

Guy Calmly Crushes Wasp Nest With His Bare Hand, Then Shoves It In His Mouth In Bonkers Video
Viral Life/YouTube

There are a lot of wild people in this world, but none are wilder than the star of a new viral video which has blown the mind of everyone who's seen it.

In the video, which you can watch below, a tough-looking man asks "

"You wanted him, b*tch? That who you really wanted? You sure about that?"

He then grabs a wasp nest and crushes it in his bare hands while humming his own hard-rock theme song.

As if that weren't enough, he proceeds to stuffs the wasp's nest into his mouth and chews it before spitting it at the camera.

Yes, this is real.

*WARNING: video contains NSFW language and a man eating a wasp's nest*

Man eats a wasp

Social media was equal parts horrified and impressed by the nameless man's bravery.

The video was also posted to Reddit, where users couldn't believe their eyes.

"I assumed he'd use his hand to take it down and did not like the thought of that, but I was not expecting him to crush it in his first and eat it. No I did not." -dicknotrichard

It's hard to believe this footage wasn't photoshopped in some way.

"Bro I kept convincing myself he'd use something thin like a sheet of notebook paper or a huge leaf to grab it not his bare hands and buddy just went for it bare handed I started shouting 'oh hell nawwww'"
"and right when I thought it couldn't get any worse he shoved it in his mouth and now I'm shaking in discomfort and cringe, save me pls." -marzeg

Many online regretted seeing the clip at all.

"No sir, that's definitely not how I want it." -StrenghGeek
*Bear Grylls has left the chat -jaz3ee

Others couldn't help but admire the man's guts.

"I like how he gave himself a super badda** soundtrack." -Spookyredd
"He was just trying to get the wasp honey." -ocularis01

Why on Earth would anyone ever submit themselves to this kind of pain?

"I'd venture to say that homeboy has some undiagnosed mental issues." -TrollularDystrophy
"How many drugs do you need to be on to do that?" -bcnorth78

One person claimed to know the real-life wasp-catcher!

"I actually know this guy! He's a regular in my bar, he's actually a really nice guy in person. Goes by the name of Tommy. He's always making friends and makes sure no trouble is caused if there's ever a fight."
"He also once drove a friend of mine to the hospital because his car broke down and his wife was in labor! Also if you're reading this I'm currently trapped in his basement pls help me." -lukeLOL

If you can eat a wasp's nest, you can do anything.

"Instead of sending out resumes, he should send out this video. Somebody, somewhere, is looking for a guy who can eat bees" -Brianshissler2013
"This is one dude you don't want to fight 1 on 1" -tooquick

While this clip is... certainly something... we must beg viewers—please please PLEASE do not attempt to eat a wasp's nest at home.