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Tense Videos Show Woman Pulling Gun On Black Family During Dispute In Washington Mall

Tense Videos Show Woman Pulling Gun On Black Family During Dispute In Washington Mall

A woman pulled a gun on a Black family inside a mall in Vancouver, Washington during a shouting match between the teens in each family last Wednesday.

According to The Columbian, Vancouver, Washington police responded to a call around 4 p.m. Nobody was injured and the police later determined the woman's gun was not loaded.

One of two videos showing the incident went viral with over 76K views on Twitter.

WARNING: threats of violence

In the first video shared on Twitter by Ryan Shead—a podcast host—a White woman can be seen exiting a Lids store inside the mall and pointing her gun as her teenage daughters are yelling at a Black family's teens who were off-camera.

A second video showed the Black teens yelling back.

The teenagers involved from both families have a history of fighting, according to police. The mother later claimed she pulled a gun on the Black family to protect her daughters from being attacked.

The media outlet said, "Vancouver police referred a charge of displaying a firearm against the woman with the gun to the Vancouver City Attorney's Office."

Although nobody was injured over the unnamed woman's intimidation tactic of brandishing a firearm in a public mall, people on social media expressed their frustration over gun access by irresponsible gun owners.

Mall security intervened to separate the yelling terns as the woman brandished her firearm before police arrived at the scene.

Many were left to wonder what would have happened if police arrived as she was still waving her gun around in the mall.

Would they have shot an armed person immediately or would she have emerged unscathed?