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Male 'Karen' Roasted By Onlookers After Screaming For Help As He's Followed By Airport Security

Male 'Karen' Roasted By Onlookers After Screaming For Help As He's Followed By Airport Security

The ongoing pandemic is exposing a lot about our assumptions of society. Even something has simple as public health is easily politicized and pushed in online groups.

Anti-maskers are one thing online, but in the real world, where their actions have consequences, they can be a lot scarier. That is unless they realize just how fringe their beliefs truly are.

For instance, this guy who thought a lot more people would support him.

An anti-masker, who is being referred to online as an Airport Karen, is being shamed not just for not wearing a mask, but also for freaking out over an airport employee following him.

The video above starts with him yelling for the police and insulting the airport security escorting him.

A woman asks him:

"Let me guess, you don't want to wear a mask?"

Airport Karen responds:

"No, this guy has been trailing me."

And the person video taking the video quips back:

"Yeah, he works here, idiot."

What did he think would happen?

At the end of the video, Airport Karen seems to smile at the quip at his expense and argue with the woman about masks before continuing to walk off, security still following.

There are many online who are wondering if he expected more people to support him after being indoctrinated in an online group.

The video found its way to Reddit's PublicFreakout subReddit where videos of such meltdowns are shared.

People on the subReddit agreed, this guy is a jerk.

"People like this seem to legitimately enjoy ruining everyone else's day to be the center of attention. Sheesh" - MindAlteringSitch
"I love how the bystanders tell him to stop making himself look like an idiot, you can see him die a little inside because he was fully expecting everybody to support his little tantrum." - mouse361
"My number one question on seeing these people is how do they have money? I mean how do they hold down jobs? They can't all be independently wealthy but they're not homeless and can afford to fly." - TRIGMILLION
"he is definitely one of those people who put their feet up on the arm rest of the person infront of them" - DatGuyGalla

Anti-mask sentiment is still holding strong, causing issues with the country's ability to slow the spread of the pandemic. While some places have embraced public health, others find themselves at the mercy of a greater concentration of anti-maskers.

While New York and Arizona used to be the biggest hot spots, the Midwest is now growing in daily cases and causing concern.

The vitriol of anti-maskers is bad enough that the CDC recommended not arguing with them if they become violent or threatening.

How did we get this way?

"They throw fits like children and then laugh that liberals are "triggered". How, my guy? You're the one who's crying over a scrap of cloth." - Juiceb0x_
"When the general public doesn't reinforce your insane mind like your echo chamber facebook groups. Shit cuts deep." - Gervais242
"I love antimaskers. The are so upfront and honest about having the mental capacity of a sponge on crack." - ink_squid

Airport Karen is surely not the last we've seen of an anti-masker making a public nuisance. And we need to be able to deal with these situations with empathy, if we're going to make a change.

Please be sure to wash your hands, social distance, and wear a mask, not for you, but for those around you. And hopefully people will learn to do the same.