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Guys Share Which Things Men Do That Make Them Lose All Respect

Yo bro. Don't be like that!

Guys Share Which Things Men Do That Make Them Lose All Respect

Men want men to know that having and showing respect is something vital for all of us. Always. There is no reason to act a fool to impress others or, just in general. Most of the time women will speak up about men's behavior first and they're told they are being hysterical. But other men have somethings to share about what behavior constitutes a fool and being an actual man.

Redditor u/JumboMoonz wanted all the gents out there to speak up to other gents by asking.... Guys of Reddit, What is something that you absolutely cannot respect another guy for doing ?

Not the testies...


Hitting another man's testicles. SonOfTyrone

Unless it's in self defense under threat of death or serious injury. finlshkd

Not Cute! 

Bragging about being able to drive under the influence, or on the phone.

Like what am I meant to say, 'congratulations, you needlessly put others at risk to boost your own ego, props to you, fool!' BinnsyTheSkeptic

Pee Right.


Peeing in a urinal with your pants all the way down. aioli_man

And pulling your shirt up above your chest too. steingrrrl

Out of curiosity.....

Out of curiosity since I saw some comments about cheating and bad behavior towards women, if a guy you know, maybe even consider him a friend or an acquaintance was playing multiple women, leading them on and lying to them, would you say something to any of the women or would you let the women find out eventually themselves because it's none of your business? ShadowBoxerBabe

"Guys only want one thing"

Dudes that brag about skating out as soon as they get a girl pregnant. Like why have sex unprotected if you don't want kids with her. Also it continues the "Guys only want one thing". OakyGrim

Just Yuck!


Cheating on their SO. That's real trashy and they expect you to not care that much just because you're friends. Like no dude. Gross. orion109

Drunk you is still a a part of you.....

Getting handsy on alcohol. Be able to control yourself or stay damn sober fool! Quasar_One

Even worse. Is feeling fine the next day because "you were drunk". That's not a damn excuse. Even when I sobered up the next day, I'd be embarrassed by stupid stuff I'd said and done. Drunk you is still a a part of you. dmkicksballs13

Talk Honest Bro. 

When a dude talks down about his girlfriend when she's not around. Constantly joking about what a drag she is or like, how he had to 'break out of the house' to be there or something. Just makes them sound like they straight up don't like her, it's really gross. Jackielegs93

Be kind for Service...


Being mean to a waiter, or anyone in the service industry while going out. It's literally so low, and makes me so mad.bearface7771

And it is always done by dudes who have never worked a customer service job before. They work for their daddy's construction business and think that makes them an expert in how things should work. Meanwhile if they had to work a single day as a server they would cry and rage quit. Comprehensive-Olive

Grow Up. 

Seeking physical violence because you're unable to deal with conflict in other ways. Majorly pathetic. Grow up. mcarlini

Being a fool. Using violence against people when it's not self-defense. This applies to people in general. I don't have anything gender specific as I don't believe in one gender having the right to do things that the other gender wouldn't be allowed to. Blunders4life

Where Dogs Lie....

A woman I used to work with was sleeping with a married man who didn't want to leave his wife because she was pregnant. He would come in to our place of work with his wife sometimes, but when he would come in alone he would try to be cool with the staff because he was "with" our coworker but all I could think about is what a prick he was.Dr_The_Captain

Do No Harm.


Being abusive especially to children. ufjhfhcc

And animals. When I saw my ex kick his dog that peed in the house, I started forming my escape. He never even bothered to train the dog, so shouldn't have reacted that way when the dog had no idea that what he did was even wrong. jessiker

Playing dirty in the dating game......

Make deliberate attempts to discredit other male friends to secure their chance with a female in the social circle. Playing dirty in the dating game essentially. I find it absolutely disgusting. BlueKat25

My girlfriend (now wife) and I met up with my sister and her friend for drinks a few years back. While there a guy walked up to our high top and immediately started talking crap to me in an attempt to woo the three women. I mean just total fool comments.

Little did he know he had just walked into a lioness' den and I just sat back and watched him wilt under the three headed onslaught of some of the most assertive women I know. Vanderwoolf


Leaking his gf nude as a revenge after breaking up with her. RobertDentist

One of my exes did this. He spread it around to allllll my previous coworkers, since he worked where I used to. Luckily I never included my face in any of my nudes. After him, I'll never take photos like that again. It still makes me feel sick that he has those, and that unsavory sexist pigs at my old workplace probably have them too. HellyHailey

No Respect.


Going after another dude's girl despite knowing their relationship and how happy they are in it. McDazzler

Shame on YOU! 

Sharing intimate sexual details about his girlfriend/hook-ups in a pathetic attempt to impress me. exportkaffe

Just that kind of shaming in general, it says more about the one dishing it than the one being made fun of.

Okay so you hated their body in this case something they couldn't control and you were with them and now you're... making fun of them? What are we doing here? Get over them and grow up jeez, I have one ex I really do not like and I still don't body shame like that. Monteze

Be Nice. 

Being mean to impress a girl, there is this one dude who is a real damn fool if that girl is around, no matter what lessons we have etc. He doesn't have a GF. AlmdudlerKing

They do it to impress their male friends too. JayPunker

Be Unhooked....


Getting hung up on a girl clearly not interested in them. I'm not talking about in like high school where you have no clue what you're doing anyway. I'm talking about full grown adults obsessing with coworkers and going full nice guy. Along those lines, guys who get upset when attractive girls aren't attracted to them when they put zero effort into themselves.biggman57

Shut Up! 

Cat calling....

Drives me crazy. My partner will often tell me about people yelling out of their cars and following her for blocks while on her walk home. We have since got her some pepper spray in case things get too out of control, but I just wish I could do something about it. JohnDough39

Bedroom Secrets.

Cheating or bragging about all the women you bed. There's no bro code when it comes to that crap, I'm not in the business of being involved with someone who couldn't care less to ruin or embarrass people. s_team7