Luke Perry's Son And David Arquette Just Had An Epic Wrestling Match In Tribute To His Late Father

Jack Perry / Instagram

It's been about two and a half months since beloved actor Luke Perry passed away at the age of 52.

His son, Jack, and one of his closest friends, David Arquette, just got together to pay tribute to him in the best way they knew how: with the power of awesome wrestling moves.

Luke had been friends with the entire Arquette family for ages. His ties to David, Patricia and the late Alexis were some of their most cherished friendships.

Alexis was shunned by so many as she began her transition, but never by Luke. David had his share of painful life moments. Luke stood by his side through them all.

Patricia was left constantly impressed by Luke's capacity for love and loyalty.

Not long after he passed, the Arquette family announced that David would be participating in a wrestling match in his honor.

Sound strange? It's really not when you consider that David and Luke were both passionate wrestling fans.

Arquette is a wrestler himself and at one point ended up injured during a match. It was Luke who drove him to the ER.

Luke's son, Jack, is also a professional wrestler.

"Jungle Boy" Jack looks eerily like his father.

This past Thursday, they made good on that announcement. David Arquette and Jack Perry wrestled in Los Angeles to honor Luke Perry's memory and honestly, it was an emotional moment.

It may seem strange to some people that wrestling can be emotional, but when a son and a best friend are honoring a man they both loved deeply it kind of can't not be emotional.

The match opened with the usual flair with both men committed to putting on the best possible show; something Luke would have loved.

"Jungle Boy" Jack showed up in a leopard print coat. David Arquette flung candy to the crowd.

The match was full of some serious displays of athleticism as well as a heaping helping of camp and ridiculousness. At one point Arquette "forced" Perry to down pop-rocks and soda.

Perry emerged unscathed from that urban-legend style take down and ended up victorious.

The two men shared an emotional hug where Arquette told him:

"I loved your father dearly. I love you."

Clips of the match found their way to Twitter.

And people loved it.

You can watch part of the match here:

The Emotional Match Was Dedicated To Luke Perry by David Arquette www.youtube.com

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