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Viral Video Of Lost Baby Goat Being Reunited With Its Mama Has The Internet Feeling All The Feels

Viral Video Of Lost Baby Goat Being Reunited With Its Mama Has The Internet Feeling All The Feels
KD Arcero/YouTube

2020 has not been kind to us thus far. People could use a little palette cleanser.

... and that's where a lost baby goat comes into play.

Good Samaritans found the little guy alone trapped in a pit. They took him home and tended to his injuries overnight, keeping the little one warm, fed and comfortable.

The next morning when it was clear he was okay, they set out to find his owners.

They couldn't find any people, but did stumble across a group of goats with fur that looked similar to their young patient. Since they couldn't exactly ask the goats "Hey does this baby belong to you?" they put the little dude down a safe distance away and watched to see how he responded.

Mama Confirmed.

For those who do not speak Tagalog (us included) one Twitter user gave us a helpful translation of what was being said.

Heartwarming is heartwarming in any language.

The original video was shot and posted by a Reddit user. That video made its way over to Twitter and was then posted by multiple people.

Twitter absolutely reveled in the reminder that sometimes humans can be humane.

Most of the comments were just straight up appreciation for the adorable.

Further digging yielded a three and a half minute video detailing the baby goats whole rescue and reunion.

In the video we learn that the people rescued the goat thanks to a young child in the family. The little girl was calling out and responding to what she thought was another child playing with her.

But when the family went to go find the "other child" they instead found a baby goat (also called a "kid") in a pit. The calling was the goat crying for help.

So help they did.

They brought the little one home and messaged the "village group chat" trying to find owners. While they chatted, the baby goat made himself comfortable in the house.

The video goes over several hours worth of care and feedings, some adorable goat naps and his rescuers learning a few things along the way as they didn't actually know much about goats, they just wanted to help.

In the video we also learn that they decided to name the little dude Shawarma D. Goat.


So the plan for the next day was to get looking for the owner bright and early, but the village group chat didn't turn up any leads and it rained all day. Finally the group was able to head out late in the afternoon.

After about an hour of walking around, they stumbled onto a herd of goats.

That's when one group member noticed that their markings looked very similar to Shawarma's. They'd been looking for a farmer or land owner this whole time, but it was possible baby Shawarma was a wild goat.

They put him down to test the theory, and that's where the 30 second clip you saw above starts.

After the reunion, Shawarma and his family wandered off into the mountain sunset.

The rescuers (and we citizens of the internet) may never see or hear from Shawarma again. If his herd is as smart and resourceful as they seem, they'll teach him to stay away from humans and human habitats.

Hopefully, Shawarma grows up big and strong and lives a life full of headbutts, nibbling on things and screaming across the countryside. That sounds like goat bliss... and, incidentally, a lot like how many of us are making it through 2020.