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Anti-Trump GOP Group Shuts Down Ivanka And Jared After They Threaten To Sue Over Times Square Billboards

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Lincoln Project, a group of prominent Republicans who are against the re-election of President Donald Trump, have put up two large billboards in Times Square which attack Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump over the current administration's handling of the pandemic.

A lawyer for the two Trump family members (who also work as senior advisors in the White House) reached out to the Lincoln Project threatening a lawsuit if the billboards weren't removed.

The Lincoln Project shared their response on Twitter.

They made it very clear they had no intention of removing the billboards.

Lawyers on Twitter also seemed to agree Kushner and Ivanka would have a very hard time getting the billboards removed, especially before election day.

As is often the case in matters such as these, Jared and Ivanka's threat only seemed to encourage Twitter to share the images online.

The Lincoln Project seemed unfazed by the legal threat, especially considering many of their founders are lawyers.

It didn't seem like Jared and Ivanka understood the internet. If you tell netizens not to look at something, there's really only one outcome to expect.

Ironically, in their efforts to remove the ads, Ivanka and Jared seem to have ensured many, many more people see it online.

And, if you live in NYC, feel free to stop by Times Square to take a look. The billboards will likely not be removed any time soon.