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Lauren Boebert Gets Brutal Reminder After Trying To Slam 'Biden Regime' With Rachel Maddow Dig

Lauren Boebert claimed 'Biden regime' learned how to govern from Rachel Maddow, and people clapped back with reminders of Fox News and Trump.

Lauren Boebert; Rachel Maddow
Win McNamee/Getty Images; Paul Marrotta/Getty Images

Representative Lauren Boebert, Republican of Colorado, claimed the "Biden regime" learned how to govern from television news host and liberal commentator Rachel Maddow, who hosts a weekly television show on MSNBC, and serves as the cable network's special event co-anchor.

MSNBC has been largely derided as "MSDNC" by conservatives who've long argued the network is biased against former Republican President Donald Trump, whose many scandals have continued to be covered in depth on Maddow's program.

So it likely came as no surprise to anyone when Boebert claimed the majority of "Biden Regime learned about government from watching Rachel Maddow and it really shows."

You can see Boebert's tweet below.

But Boebert's criticism backfired once people reminded her that Fox News has often served as a mouthpiece for Trump, his administration, and conservative policies at large, so much so that it's often marched in lockstep with the latest conservative cause du jour.

Indeed, Fox News has often been accused of being little more than a propaganda network for Trump and continues to ignore or downplay negative stories about him even as some network personalities have questioned whether Republicans should drop Trump in the wake of a disappointing midterm election performance.

Boebert herself has openly embraced many misleading Fox News talking points in addition to conspiracy theories from more fringe conservative networks and argued that only media with a conservative slant can be trusted.

Since taking office, she's remained a regular guest on the respective programs of Fox News personalities Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, where she's made known her many gripes with the Biden administration, which she considers illegitimate because of election fraud conspiracies both she and the network have championed.

Many were quick to remind her that her claim just doesn't hold water.

Boebert's attack against the Biden administration came shortly after her midterm opponent, Democrat Adam Frisch, launched a 2024 bid against her.

Boebert defeated Frisch by a margin of just 550 votes and his loss only affirmed the slimness of her victory, which was only secured within half a percentage point.

In a statement, Frisch said the results of November's midterm elections "show us that Boebert is weak and will be defeated, which is why I have decided to launch my 2024 congressional campaign."