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Lauren Boebert Absurdly Claims The Left Will 'Cancel' Avril Lavigne Over The Song 'Sk8er Boi'

Lauren Boebert Absurdly Claims The Left Will 'Cancel' Avril Lavigne Over The Song 'Sk8er Boi'
Joe Raedle/Getty Images; Avril Lavigne/YouTube

After losing her bestie on Twitter, it seems Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado has lost her ability to make any kind of sense on the social media platform.

Recently she tried to insult President Joe Biden with some strange made-up word that had Twitter scratching their heads.

Well, the internet was left confused yet again, as Boebert tried to claim the left was going to cancel Avril Lavigne for her song Sk8er Boi.

Boebert tweeted a clip from the music video for the song.

The clip just has Lavigne say:

“He was a boy/She was a girl/Can I make it any more obvious?”

Boebert claimed the ‘delusional Left’ would cancel Lavigne for this line. This is likely a transphobic reference to the idea of a gender binary or a homophobic take claiming heterosexuals are victims of the fictional "gay agenda."

However, the song is talking about two specific people. And boy and girl definitely exist on the gender spectrum.

And no state or municipality has laws that allow discrimination against straight people. LGBTQ+ people aren't as privileged.

It’s really a nonsensical tweet.

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember Boebert is a politician who has responsibilities to her constituents.

We’re sure she forgets sometimes too.

Which is bad because right now Colorado is dealing with wildfires that destroyed hundreds of homes and left people missing.

Boebert might need a reminder.

Boebert’s history of freaking out over a challenge to gender stereotypes in place of caring about more important things is well documented.

Just last month she complained about a gingerbread person cookie on Twitter.