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Las Vegas Mom Gets In Fistfight With Student Outside School Before Hitting Kids With Her Minivan

Las Vegas Mom Gets In Fistfight With Student Outside School Before Hitting Kids With Her Minivan
FOX5 Las Vegas/YouTube

A physical altercation with a middle school student at a Las Vegas, Nevada school allegedly prompted a mom to get behind the wheel of her minivan and chase him around the parking to run him down.

She wound up clipping four students along the way with her vehicle, according to KVVU-TV, leaving the children with "superficial injuries."

The local Fox affiliate obtained the surfaced video footage showing the reckless driver speeding through a section of dirt in the parking lot adjacent to the Silvestri Junior High School with the backdoor wide open as kids ran out of harm's way.

Despite plenty of close calls, no one was seriously injured.

You can watch the news report here:

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced on Monday the woman was arrested on Friday for six counts of battery with a deadly weapon and one count of child abuse.

According to a student who witnessed the incident, the female suspect—who was later identified as Jaquitta Madison—"got into a physical fight with a student and then she was hellbent on running him down."

The news station reported while showing the chaotic footage:

"You can see her right here gun it toward the students, the back door of that van wide open. The van speeds through the dirt as kids frantically dart out of the way."
"Kids described her as doing donuts in that dirt lot. Again, no one seriously hurt, though some kids were clipped by the van. You can see there were plenty of close calls there."

Another student who wished to remain anonymous claimed he and his friends were leaving the school when they saw a crowd surrounding the mother and "someone's kid."

The student recalled:

"The mom was just like yelling at the kid, cursing at him."
"She ended up actually hitting him."
"That's when my friend hit her back and then she got into the car and she backed up and she hit two or three cars while she was there and she chased my friend around that vacant lot and hit other kids, too."

An unidentified mother also told the news station:

"There were 30 kids out there so there is 30 parents that should know that this lady almost ran over your kid because she was so angry about whatever situation."

She added:

"When I actually see the video of the lady pursuing the kid between the two buildings in a dirt lot and all the kids running for their lives it startled me to the core."

The incident remains under investigation.