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Kathy Griffin Destroys News Anchor Who Questioned Her Claim About Female Comedians In Resurfaced Clip

KTLA 5/YouTube

Kathy Griffin lost most to all of her gigs after she tweeted a photo of her holding a facsimile of Donald Trump's severed head in 2017, back before we fully knew what chaos the then-newly-inaugurated President would bring to the nation.

But that does not mean she is not still active as a comedian.

In 2019, Griffin made a film called Kathy Griffin: A Hell Story that premiered at the DTLA film festival. She stopped by KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles to promote the film.

A 43-second clip has re-surfaced after two years in which Griffin has to repeatedly tell a male news anchor that she doesn't care about his take on whether or not comedy is a male dominated industry.

She also asks him to name five women in comedy, to which he can only sheepishly reply:

"Uhh, I'm not, uh, into the comedy thing."

"I spend most of my day trying to talk to older white guys and explain I just want to do what I do," she continued, talking about the lack of career opportunities in front of her after the Trump photo.

"I don't feel like, no matter how you feel about me or the photo, nobody in America should have the president and the Department of Justice make it so that they're not employable or insurable."

Griffin has called out the lack of female representation in comedy before.

And some of the misogynistic comments on both this thread above and the Twitter thread that contains this news segment more than prove Griffin's point.

Griffin's resume speaks for Itself when it comes to the authority she has to speak on these things. No man will stand in the way of that.