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Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Newsmax Hosts After They Admit Hypocrisy Of Biden Christmas Tree Hit Piece

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Newsmax Hosts After They Admit Hypocrisy Of Biden Christmas Tree Hit Piece
Jimmy Kimmel Live!/YouTube; Newsmax

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel mocked Newsmax hosts after they revealed a “rare moment of truth” and admitted the hypocrisy of running a hit piece criticizing President Joe Biden for spending money on traditional White House Christmas festivities while many Americans are feeling the effects of inflation.

Kimmel said Newsmax's “veil of anti-Biden BS lifted just ever so slightly” when co-hosts Bob Sellers and Alison Maloni questioned on air whether their story is really a big deal.

You can hear Kimmel's remarks and what the hosts said in the video below.

During the program, Maloni claimed "the White House wants taxpayers to give $139,000 to cover the cost of President Biden’s first National Christmas Tree Lighting" only to face some pushback from Sellers, who said:

“It is the White House, I mean, you do want them to have it. I mean, is this out of the ordinary?”

At this point, co-host Shaun Kraisman weighed in, noting the celebration cost significantly more—to the tune of $160,000—when former President Donald Trump was in office.

Even better, when Sellers asked whether Newsmax is "trying to create something out of nothing," Kraisman confirmed that was the case.

It was indeed a rare moment of truth for a fringe network that bought into the rhetoric Democrats are waging a "war on Christmas."

Kimmel described the moment as one of "Christmas clarity," adding it's not unlike "watching a dog walk into a mirror.”

Many concurred and offered further criticism of Newsmax's coverage.

Newsmax's coverage brings to mind a recent "breaking investigative exclusive" from The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative outlet that attempted to shame Vice President Kamala Harris for buying new cookware.

The outlet alleged Harris' purchase is bad form at a time when many Americans are feeling the crunch of inflation, a claim that received pusback from social media users who noted that the Vice President, who has made no secret of her love for cooking, made the purchase with her own money.