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GOP Congressman's Rant Against Vaccinations And Wearing Masks Gets An Instant Fact-Check From History Buffs

Bill Clark/Getty Images

Republican Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky is being trashed online after making a legal argument against two life-saving precautions:

masks and vaccines.

Massie was given a thorough history lesson by Twitter.

They reminded him that America's first President, George Washington, ordered his men to receive a vaccine before fighting for him.

History has a much better understanding than Massie of how a pandemic can ravage a nation.

Massie's argument was not only dangerous but also wrong from a legal standpoint.

Even if the Constitution said people shouldn't be allowed to wear a mask, the world has been known to change every couple hundred years.

The government makes people do many things that aren't explicitly mentioned in the Constitution for the purpose of public safety.

In our strange world, GOP Congressmen like Thomas Massie don't seem to be most intent on protecting their own constituents.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

Face masks aren't worn to protect the wearer.

They're worn to protect everyone around them.

Putting a small piece of cloth over one's nose and mouth isn't hard and certainly shouldn't be a reason for revolution.

Congressman Massie please, for the safety of your state, get behind masks as soon as humanly possible.