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Katy Perry Dragged For Showing Off Her New Tesla CyberTruck Just Days After Recall

The 'American Idol' judge thanked Elon Musk in a post on X, formerly Twitter, after the delivery of her new Tesla CyberTruck—and was instantly called out for it.

Katy Perry; Elon Musk
Monica Schipper/Getty Images; Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Singer and American Idol judge Katy Perry is drawing no shortage of mockery after proudly posing beside her new Tesla CyberTruck—days after the car was recalled for safety issues.

Perry tweeted at Tesla CEO Elon Musk to express her thanks for the new car, which has been plagued with all kinds of problems and complaints since launching in November 2023—beyond just being called one of the ugliest cars ever designed, that is.

But Perry was either oblivious or unfazed by the controversy, and her tweet at Musk has practically reached meme status with all the people dunking on it.

Wearing a leather corset and skirt, Perry all but draped herself over the olive-green truck in a photo for the tweet, in which she wrote, "thx for the delivery @elonmusk."

We'll see if her tune changes after she starts driving the car—it is positively plagued with defects.

Owners have reported the unpainted stainless steel versions of the car being not stainless at all and rusting when exposed to rain, and its supposedly bulletproof armored glass windows have shattered in hail.

Several owners have received critical error notifications in the cars electrical and steering systems within days of purchase. One user reported getting just a single mile down the road after picking up his CyberTruck before the vehicle broke down entirely.

But none of that holds a candle to its latest problem, a defect with the accelerator pedal that can make it stick in the floored position—which, you know, could kill someone. Thankfully it hasn't yet, but it has resulted in a major recall.

All that combined with Perry's seeming drift to the political right and Musk's open antisemitism and affiliation with the far right, made her bragging land like a lead balloon.

And Perry quickly became a laughingstock on Twitter for her CyberTruck tweet.

One thing about Katy? She always makes interesting choices.

Let's just leave it at that.