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Katy Perry Responds After Becoming A Meme With Search For Seat At King Charles' Coronation

The 'American Idol' judge became an instant meme after she was caught on camera having some difficulty finding her seat—but her reaction showed she had a sense of humor about it.

Katy Perry

Ah, large public events with hundreds, if not thousands, of invitees.

A logistical nightmare, even it it's a coronation. It can be hard to show up—even if you're also going to be featured later—and figure out what to do, who to see, where to go...

The last one—in the case of singer Katy Perry—was particularly confusing. Unfortunately for her—and fortunately for an internet that loves memes—it was all caught on video.

In a clip that quickly became a meme, Perry was shown looking for her seat with a confused look on her face.

She later took to Twitter to reassure everyone she eventually found her spot.

Perry also posted on Instagram with more formal—and distinctly less-meme-able—pictures from the event.

People found her issue finding her seat relatable.

Memes were born.

The best memes.

Some people found other relatable moments this reminded them of.

Folks were worried about her hat.

Some folks went another direction with the hat.

Some found artistic inspiration.

But alas, all's well that ends well.

Perry's musical contribution for the coronation went well, so evidently the seat wasn't too uncomfortable.