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Jesus Wanted by Police for Attacking Jedi Knight During Halloween

Jesus Wanted by Police for Attacking Jedi Knight During Halloween

BBC reports Scotland police are looking for a man dressed as Jesus, who attacked a man dressed as a Jedi Knight during Halloween. The incident happened early Wednesday morning on Smalls Wynd, a road that cuts through the University of Dundee. The man in the Star Wars outfit broke his ankle during the altercation and was treated at the Ninewells Hospital.

Witnesses describe the assailant as in his mid 20s, 5 ft 10 in, medium build, with long brown hair, a beard and wearing Jedi robes.

Come to think of it, this wouldn't be the first time Jesus acted out in violence. He did flip out on all those traders in the temple that one time.

Star Wars humor and hilarity ensued on Twitter.

Oxford neuroscientist Matthew Buchan couldn't help but be proud of his homeland: "There's no place like home: 'Jesus' assaults 'Jedi Knight' in Dundee. #VisitScotland #CityofCulture"

It seems Dundee, a coastal city in eastern Scotland, is a happening place with nary a dull moment. Last week it was named a popular worldwide travel destination by the Wall Street Journal. This week, biblical messiahs are attacking Jedi knights.

Dundee ranked alongside Shanghai and Madagascar as one of the top ten "hot destinations" to visit in 2018, with the journal calling it "Scotland's coolest city." Dundee was previously named "coolest little city in Britain" by GQ Magazine.

It didn't take too long for the first "force" joke to be posted. When a concerned citizen asked for anyone with information to contact Scotland Police, another poster tweeted:

"I'm sure the Force will be with them soon enough."

A reward of 30 pieces of silver was offered.

The Jesus jokes were in full force as well. Remember Jar Jar Binks? Yeah, we wish we could forget too... "Yousa be nailed to a cross if yousa try that again."

Star Wars: Episode X - Jesus Strikes Back

Perhaps the assailant is the real deal, the long foretold second coming...

...or maybe he wasn't Jesus at all, and this is a Jedi-on-Jedi crime.

Or worse... It was Jesus, but turned to the Dark Side.

Finally, lest we forget, there are people out there who believe actor Ewan McGregor is Jesus.

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