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Woman Uses Creativity And The Power Of The Internet To Land Her Dream Job At Spotify

Woman Uses Creativity And The Power Of The Internet To Land Her Dream Job At Spotify

Jessica Bain knew what she had to do to stand out from other applicants when applying for Spotify's Shows & Editorial, Black History & Culture Fellowship position.

She capitalized on the the Internet for her campaign and landed the coveted job.

As a black culture enthusiast and activist for promoting healthy lifestyles for young women, Jessica Bain (@bainboozled) was confident she was the perfect candidate and created a website to introduce herself. For extra social media exposure, she posted a link on Twitter to let the world know she means business when it comes to securing her dream job.

On her "Hire Jessica at Spotify" page on, she highlights key moments in black cultural milestones that inspired her – like Alvin Ailey's "Revelations" dance piece; Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson's "Scream" video that was a response to "public scrutiny and harassment"; and Beyonce's re-imagining of the 1991 film, Daughters of the Dust into her "Lemonade" music video.

"They've all informed my understanding of the world at large and on a micro level, my taste in music," she said of the examples above. "Black history is happening now and it's everything to me."

As a hardcore fan of music and bringing people together, Bain updates her "Scrumptious Sundays" playlist on a weekly basis to nurture her self-care regimen and referenced it as an example of why she's qualified for the position.

My goal has been to create conversations and serve as a point of inspiration for people looking to hear new music and rediscover old favorites, featuring R&B/soul and hip hop.

Another impressive notch on her resume is her experience as an ambassador for the Pretty Girls Sweat movement that inspired girls to seek out healthy lifestyles.

Her creative endeavor and persistence paid off.

People were happy for her new job, and they were reminded of the power of the Internet having limitless possibilities.

She's already received a warm welcome from a fellow "band" mate.

It pays off to go after what you want, but it takes some creativity to really be spotify-ed. Congratulations, Jessica!

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