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Jennifer Lawrence Responds To Ariana Grande’s Famous SNL Impression Of Her

It was recently announced that Jennifer Lawrence will be featured on the cover of Vogue’s September issue for a record-setting second time (her first was in 2013.) For the issue, Lawrence posed for four different covers, one of which was a painting by John Currin!

In her interview for the magazine, Lawrence opens up about many topics but the bit that truly grabbed our attention was her review of Ariana Grande’s Jennifer Lawrence impression, which the pop singer debuted on Saturday Night Live earlier this year.

In the interview, Lawrence describes Grande’s impression as:


Though there is one thing she’d change.

The only inaccuracy, according to Lawrence, is that she wouldn’t actually describe herself as a “regular person”:

That’s what other people have said. If I’d said, ‘I’m a regular person,’ I’d want to kill myself.


Fans, of course, love the impression.

After all, every great star needs a great impression.

Check out Jennifer Lawrence’s full Vogue interview here, it’s full of fun details and interesting insight into one of Hollywood’s biggest stars!

But it’s still very relatable because Jennifer is just a regular person like us, you know? Very normal, like a best friend we all have.

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