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Jeff Goldblum Just Reacted To The News That Scientists Could Soon Recreate Dinosaurs In The Most 'Jurassic Park' Way Ever

It was recently announced that scientists are attempting to recreate living dinosaurs here on present-day earth. An Entrepreneur report claims that researchers at Harvard and Yale's efforts have centered around reverse-evolving chickens, which are closely related into dinosaurs, back into their prehistoric ancestors through mutation.

In closely related news, those same scientists have put wooly mammoth genes into elephants to try and reintroduce the extinct pachyderms to life.

Of course, actor and pop culture icon Jeff Goldblum had a pretty strong opinion on these scientist's work:

Quoting one of his own lines from the 90's mega-hit Jurassic Park, Goldblum made it clear he thought genetically engineering dinosaurs was a bad idea.

Many on Twitter were just glad to see a real-life opportunity for Goldblum to say the line.

But most who thought about bringing back dinosaurs for even a second had their reservations.

The reasons to avoid modern-day dinos are pretty obvious:

There was, however, one very vocal contingent of Twitter cheering on a new Jurassic Park!

Maybe instead of bringing back dinosaurs we should save ourselves and the other animals living on the planet?

It must have been a very special day for Goldblum when he saw what the scientists were working on.

Even if the scientists quit what they're doing, it's possible we'll be seeing dinosaurs one way or another. After all, life, uh, finds a way.

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