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Jason Bateman Reveals He Almost 'Ran Over' Michael Jackson With His Bike As A Kid

Jason Bateman Reveals He Almost 'Ran Over' Michael Jackson With His Bike As A Kid
Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube; Phil Dent/Redferns/Getty Images

Actor Jason Bateman has been a Hollywood fixture since he was just a child. With a career that long you amass quite an array of unique experiences like, say, almost running over the King of Pop with your bicycle.

That's the story Bateman shared with Jimmy Kimmel during a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week, while Kimmel was rattling off a list of luminaries to see if Bateman had ever known them.

When it came to Michael Jackson, it turned out Bateman not only knew him, but had nearly mowed him down on the Universal lot back in the day.

See Bateman tell the story below.

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During his conversation with Kimmel, Bateman related a whole trove of encounters he's had over the years with scores of stars, but his run-in with Jackson definitely stood out the most.

As Bateman related to Kimmel, it all went down while Bateman was zooming around the lot with fellow actor Ricky Shroder while the two were starring on the 80s sitcom Silver Spoons.

“Ricky Schroder and I almost ran over Michael Jackson with our bicycles."
"This was while we were doing Silver Spoons in Universal and we’d need to have our bikes because kids gotta play. And Michael was there to see him.”

After pulling a face to acknowledge how awkward that sounds, given the allegations against Jackson, Bateman continued:

"He was a fan of the show and a fan of the Ricker! He was coming onto the stage while we were zooming off and almost took him down.”

Kimmel, ever the quick wit, immediately quipped in response:

"Wow! Did he moonwalk out of the way?"


On Twitter, people loved seeing Bateman on Kimmel and hearing all his wild stories.

Bateman and Kimmel also discussed Bateman landing the legendary David Letterman for an appearance on the podcast he co-hosts with fellow actors Sean Hayes and Will Arnett.

Who doesn't this guy have a history with?!

You can see the full 15 minute interview here:

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