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James Corden's Pelvic Thrusts During Cringey 'Cinderella' Flash Mob Have Twitter Weirded Out

@FilmUpdates/Twitter; The Hollywood Fix/YouTube

A Los Angeles, California star-studded flflash-mob of the song "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez has gone viral.

The mob, set out to promote the new Camila Cabello-led take on Cinderella, featured several stars, including Cabello herself and late-night show host James Corden in strange looking costumes dancing in the middle of a Los Angeles street.

The clip had some "interesting moments," including one where Corden really just decided to let his pelvis do all the talking.

You can see a full rundown on the traffic stopping performances here:

The driver in the first video, clearly not expecting the pelvic thrusts so close to their face, responded with a slightly horrified "oh wow" behind the camera and became an instant meme.

The scene evoked several other moments of folks in their cars accosted by unwanted passersby.

Billy Porter and Idina Menzel were also among the folks dancing in the street and blocking LA traffic, singing somewhat off-key to the music playing in the background.

The flashmob does not appear to be affiliated with Corden's talk show, but with the Cinderella film itself.

Thus, no official footage of the flashmob has yet appeared and so personal videos in blocked traffic appear to be our only evidence this happened.

The movie is streaming on Amazon Prime starting Sept. 3, 2021.

It is styled as a jukebox musical with already-existing pop music mostly making up the soundtrack.