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A 23-Year-Old College Senior Has Been Tapped By The Trump Administration To Fill A Top White House Position

One of the Trump administration's biggest difficulties is finding serious people who are actually willing to be a part of it.

The Presidential Personnel Office (PPO) is the organization that handles "the selection process for presidential appointments and works to recruit candidates to serve the President in departments and agencies throughout the Executive Branch" according to the White House's website.

As their director of operations, Katja Bullock, resigns the White House needed to find someone to fill her role.

Who have they chosen?

A 23-year-old college senior.

Sources report that 23-year-old James Bacon of George Washington University will be filling the senior role within the White House. To be fair, he has previously worked at the Department of Transportation and acted as a White House liaison to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

However, he was able to maintain those jobs while also working towards his bachelor's degree, something that may not be possible now that he's in charge of a executive department.

Bacon formerly campaigned for the President, taking some time off school.

Now, however, he'll be working under John McEntee, who was formerly fired by the administration after coming under investigation for "serious financial crimes," but who has now been rehired to take charge of a government department.

Twitter was understandably worried by the White House's unconventional hire.

It seems like there's probably a better person to fill this role.

But at least one person is standing up for James...

Congratulations to James Bacon for finding a nice job before he's even finished with college. Hopefully he's good at it or the entire country will suffer.

No pressure.