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Ivanka Trump Is Getting Trolled After Congratulating Boris Johnson On Becoming The Prime Minister Of The 'United Kingston'

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images // RJ Sangosti/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images // @SomaInRealTime/Twitter

Ivanka Trump has been mocked after congratulating Boris Johnson on becoming the next prime minister of the:

“United Kingston."


The tweet from the US President's daughter and close adviser was up for around half an hour before being deleted, giving Twitter users plenty of time to poke fun at the mistake.

(Twitter @IvankaTrump)(@IvankaTrump/Twitter)

The error closely follows an error by her father Donald Trump, in which he described meeting the “Prince of Whales" during his state visit to the UK last month.

Tweet by President TrumpPA Wire/PA Images - Twitter

Shortly after Ms Trump's blunder, the phrase “United Kingston" was trending on Twitter in the UK.

Referencing the father-daughter gaffes, actor Angela Belcamino tweeted:

“The internet never forgets. Is the United Kingston next to Whales?"

In 2017, President Trump was mocked again for using the non-existent word “covfefe" during a late-night Twitter session in Washington.

After the typo became a national news story, he later attributed the mistake to the late hour and tweeted:

“Who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe? Enjoy!"

Later in the year, the White House released a press statement that said one of the goals of an Israel trip was to:

“promote the possibility of lasting peach."

Mr Trump avoided any typos as he congratulated Mr Johnson on his new position, posting:

“He will be great!"

The former foreign secretary was elected leader of the Conservative Party in a contest that saw him win 92,153 votes – beating Jeremy Hunt's 46,656.

He will take over the role of Prime Minister after Theresa May informs the Queen of her resignation on Wednesday.

While Ivanka's gaffe was likely just an autocorrect error, people still couldn't resist putting her through the wringer.