Double standards are aggravating for everyone. What's okay from one group is completely unacceptable from the other, even when that makes no logical sense.

Reddit user labadee asked:

What's the biggest double standard in society?

Some of the responses were things that I hadn't even thought about, but just reading the thread was mildly infuriating.

It's All Wind

Farting is basically harmless but taboo and rude but sneezing could possibly cause the f**king zombie apocalypse but no one cares as long as you cover.


Be Free

That men don't have to hide their nipples even though women's are actually functional and useful. Get your redundant little skin pyramids outta here, fellas. (Actually I just hope everyone can be comfortable and that my lady nips can be free in the summer).


Clothes Are Clothes


Women crossdressing?

•Most people don't even think that's possible.

•There's barely any articles of clothing that are seen as "for men", and anything that may be is probably currently fashionable anyways.

•Hardly anyone lifts an eye when a girl shops in the men's section, if they do, "I wear men's clothes because they're comfy" works as an argument nearly every time.

Men crossdressing?
•Guy shopping in the women's section is often seen as perverted.
•Should stay away from children. Boys should never be encouraged to do such a thing, but girls can wear whatever.
•Perfectly acceptable to make fun of them in movies and TV shows.
•Unprofessional, if a guy wears an appropriate dress to a job interview, his chances would probably go down.


Fashion Passion

Every news article about a woman will mention what she was wearing. I never hear about what men are wearing. What are men wearing these days? The media won't tell me.




The difference in higher management and drone workers. My boss's mother recently died and she wasn't in the office for like 2 months with no repercussions. My coworkers grandmother is dying and she's being threatened with losing her benefits for spending so much time in the hospital.


Too Much Of A Good Thing


It doesn't seem to be so prevalent anymore, but when I was younger:


but staring slack-jawed at primetime tv for 6+ hours every single night is a-ok.


Sitting at my laptop for 1 or 2 hours after work working on my farm in Stardew Valley makes me an utter waste of skin but sitting in front of a telly, scrolling on your phone hoping for a Tinder match is absolutely fine.


Netflix all nighter : no one bats an eye

Gaming all nighter : "why are you so addicted, it's not healthy"


A Doggy Dilemma

"How come Pluto doesn't wear clothes and lives in a dog house, but Goofy—who is also a dog—gets to wear clothes and play golf with Mickey?!"


Self Awareness Is Refreshing

It's OK for me to make a small mistake when driving, but lord help you if you so much as drive close to my lane. You are the most incompetent f*****r this side of town, and i'll tailgate you for the next kilometer just to remind you of it.


Thank you for responding with what double standard you recognize in yourself. Refreshing.


It's Just A Number


I'm a 33 year old guy dating a 39 year old woman. I get some strange reactions, even from my closest friends, when her age comes up.

If I dated a girl six years younger than me, nobody would give it a second thought.


Jesus, this. My GF is 42, I'm 31. She lives 4 hours away, in Columbus, OH. I'm in Grand Rapids, MI.

My dad married someone who is 15 years younger than he is, who also lived in Columbus, and tells me the age difference is weird and I should find someone closer.

Okay Dad. Sure, you got it.


I'm a 30 year old guy dating a 34 year old woman. The age gap isn't even that large and we still get questions...

I get a lot of comments from people saying that she's at the stage where she's super keen for children because of the biological clock. No damn it... I'm the one that wants the kids!


On A More Serious Note

That if the cops get called for domestic disturbance they will always take the guy away, even if he looks beaten up and the woman looks fine.

Or they tell him to spend the night somewhere else. It's never them telling the woman to go cool off.

Like I know majority of it is men hurting women. But let's go into each instance without a predetermined judgement no matter how the situation looks.


keeping it as I wrote it but plenty of people have assured me that domestic abuse is very close to equal among men and women. I would venture to guess that men report it far less as well. So who really knows the actual numbers.

Just be sure that men can and are abuse victims and there's nothing weak or demasculinizing about it. Please get help if you are in an abusive relationship.


Everyone Pick Up Your Toys

When I was a kid if I left my toys out and one of my parents stepped on them I got yelled at and in trouble for not putting my toys away.

On the other hand, when my dad left his tools out and I stepped on one I got yelled at for not watching where I was stepping.


Pay Attention While We Ignore You


It's super rude to ignore recruiters or HR when they contact you or try to set up something.

...then you're ignored for about 95% of applications you submit.


9 In The Morning Is My 5 O'clock 

I used to work nights by choice, which meant that occasionally I'd knock off work and decide to have a glass of wine before bed. For me, that was about eight in the morning, when my housemates at the time were getting up to go to their nine-to-fives. The reaction from people was *insane*.

For me, it seemed way weirder to sleep during the day, wake up in the late afternoon, then get dressed and go out for dinner and drinks with them, which basically meant that I was having wine for breakfast -- but from their perspective, that made perfect sense.
Night work is weird.


I used to work third shift, which I loved, but yeah. A lot of people can't fathom their morning being your night. I used to have a beer after work around 8 AM and someone made a serious comment about me having a possible problem.


...Yeah, the problem is night shift.


Perception Is Everything

Rich people are eccentric, poor people are crazy.


Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?


Everything in IT is working? Why do we pay you?

Nothing in IT is working? Why do we pay you??


You need to maintain a balance of only half the things working.


That's actually true, a friend of mine works at an IT company and says he doesn't have any work to do there and is afraid of getting fired cause of it. That's why every once in a while he unplugs the ethernet cable for the office and leaves it unplugged until someone comes and asks him if he could fix the internet connection.


Canine Discrimination

My cat is allowed on the office desk and my (100lb tank of a) dog is not.

My dog would like you to know this is a terrible injustice and that he would like to file a report with the proper authorities.

- Ich-parle


Management is late, it's because they're busy and important people and had things to do. Peon walks in 5 minutes late, you're getting written up, don't be late again or you're fired!


Uncomfortable Truths


I pointed out to my mom that when I don't hear what she said, I'm told I need to listen better.... but when she doesn't hear me, I need to communicate better. She wasn't amused by that observation.


Parents Are Parents

Drives me crazy that when I'm with my daughter I'm parenting, but when her father is with her people call it babysitting. Stop it. My kiddo's dad does a hell of a lot for her. What he does and what I do are exactly the same, so stop undermining dads by saying they aren't parenting.


Dammit Caleb

When lady gaga wears a meat dress she's being "edgy." When I do it, I'm "ruining thanksgiving, Caleb."


So flying can be a handful and a half. We can't travel with anything but our knickers anymore, well that is what it feels like. Sometimes we forget what we've packed, especially if we've packed in a hurry. It feels like the simplest of necessities is now a HUGE no-no. So once and awhile we're flagged with a thing or two that could raise a few eyebrows. (For no good reason!)

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Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images

In a move both stunningly homophobic and misogynistic, Eventique's CEO Henry Liron David reportedly slashed one of his employees' pay in half because he was gay and was being paid "so much more than the other females in the office."

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Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Haters are gonna hate, so you might as well play along with them.

Internet trolls and haters know they've made it when their insults are featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Mean Tweets" segment.

On Wednesday night's show, Lizzo was one of several musicians to read out the meanest and rudest comments from their Twitter feeds.

Lizzo had the best clap back to one hater's comment.

The 31 year old "Truth Hurts" singer read a post by Twitter user @mikeb73.

@mikeb73's tweet read:

"Lizzo. Bus passes and happy meals. Two things that I imagine #Lizzo has seen a lot of. #sh**e #bbc3"

Lizzo was visibly amused by the comment, and immediately had an amazing retort:

"Yeah, I'm a big b***h and I ride a bus. A tour bus, motherf***er. Where's yours?"

You can watch the hilarious segment below. Lizzo's tweet comes around the 1:52 mark:

Kimmel's audience erupted into cheers over her "Good As Hell" response, and so did the internet.

Youtube user Rabbit commented:

"'WHERE'S YOURS?' oh my goodness Lizzo is so awesome"

Mihlali Charlieman wrote:

"Lizzo is everything 😊 that clap back was fire"

Twitter also loved how she handled the troll.

Lizzo is a champion of body positivity and self love.

The curvy singer has been very open with fans about her struggles with body image, and her journey to self acceptance and unapologetic confidence. She talked about becoming a pop star while being faced with fat-phobia and Euro-centric beauty standards in the media in an interview with Vogue earlier this year.

She told Vogue:

"I didn't have enough women to look up to and they weren't given enough space in the industry to carve out a lane for big girls that are brown and black and want to sing and dance without getting sh** talked and body shamed. I'm out here and I set my mind to it. I want to be a sex symbol and music goddess and I'm out here trying to make that happen for myself. I'm here for the fantasy but I want to be a part of that fantasy. I'm just as fine as those girls."

Cardi B., Billie Eilish, Monsta X, Chance the Rapper, Luke Bryan, Green Day, Perry Farrell, Midland, Leon Bridges, John Mayer, Alice Cooper, and Luke Combs also appeared on Kimmel's November 13th "Mean Tweets" segment.

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