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Ice-T Just Asked 'Law & Order: SVU' Fans 'WTF Does Ship Mean??'—And He Instantly Regretted It

Ice-T Just Asked 'Law & Order: SVU' Fans 'WTF Does Ship Mean??'—And He Instantly Regretted It
Rick Diamond/Getty Images for IEBA

Ice-T is a successful rapper and actor, considered a legend, married to Miss Coco, who is a certified baddie - overall life seems like it worked out for him, so regret might not be a feeling he's been dealing with much these days.

If there's anything that will make you instantly regret every choice you've ever made in your life, it's asking Twitter to explain something to you. Oh, you'll get your answer ... but at what cost?

Ice found himself tweeting back and forth with some fans of Law & Order: SVU - Ice-T plays Fin Tutuola - about other characters in the show. People wanted his opinions on some popular "ships."

Now - here is the point at which things get fun. If you, like the fans, understand what a "ship" is, you could move onto the next sentence and continue the article with no problems.

If you, like Ice-T, do not understand what a "ship" is then you're probably very confused about why Law & Order: SVU fans have such passionate opinions about boats.

You, like Ice-T, might quickly realize they're absolutely not talking about boats, and this must be some of that newfangled young people speak.

You, like Ice-T, would then be faced with a choice. You could Google it. Or you could ask Twitter.

Decisions were made that day ...

Ice-T definitely got his answer.

Twitter users understand that people learn better with examples, so the replies turned into the best/worst sort of show and tell.

People tried to warn him...

... but choices have consequences and life is a chaotic teacher.

So if you, like Ice-T, learned some things by having all that imagery totally burned into your head... tell us about your favorite "ships" in the comments!