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The Internet Is Smitten With Hunky Gym Employee Who Was Target Of Anti-Mask Karen's Tirade

The Internet Is Smitten With Hunky Gym Employee Who Was Target Of Anti-Mask Karen's Tirade

As most businesses have begun requiring masks inside while the pandemic rages across the US, a number of anti-mask Karens have shown up everywhere from retail locations to city council meetings to protest.

Recently, though, an unexpected guest star in one of these endless Karen videos made everyone's day a little brighter.

Karen Goes In On Planet Fitness Worker For Not Wanting To Wear Mask Pt 2 Security Gets

This is not Anna Peric's first rendezvous with recording herself being absolutely out of order about wearing a mask:

But in this case, people cared less about the Ohio repeat offender and more about the man in the Planet Fitness shirt behind her.

Hubba hubba.

First, people noted his patience.

"This employee's patience turns me on."~choom-gng20
"Wall calendar idea: 'Patient employees of Planet Fitness.'"~analogkid01
"Pornhub idea: 'Patient employees of planet fitness.'"~analogkid01

And then suddenly, straight men were thirsting after him.

"I mean he's pretty hot regardless but yeah I agree. I'm a straight male btw"~SuperDragon
"Bro that guy is sexy. Those bulging biceps, that deep understanding voice. That alluring tan skin. That s**t makes my jimmies tingle. No homo tho."~BigNnThick
"He looks handsome as f**k. The entire time that dimwit woman is pointing the camera at herself I'm like just point the camera at him so this is a little more bearable."~jackspadeheart
"Me too he's a gentle giant and I'd like him to carry me over the threshold"~Philosophy-Heavy

Even though we can't see half his face--he's certainly eye-catching.

"Omg. I hadn't even watched or clicked the audio yet and my first thought was 'damn he's cute' then this comment lmao."~Newwavesupport3657
"Right? You can tell he's sexy af even with the mask. No - ESPECIALLY with the mask."~f**kpoliteness-
"Ughhhn why have you perfectly encapsulated my sexuality. Patient men are everything."~floopyxyz1-7

Unfortunately for Karen--folks are not feeling so charitable about her.

We love a patient and hunky employee who follows safety precautions during a national crisis and a global pandemic.