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27 Years Later, 'The Simpsons' Fans Fondly Remember The Classic 'Homer At The Bat' Episode

On February 20th, 1992, Homer Simpson pinch-hit for Springfield Nuclear Power Plant baseball team ringer Darryl Strawberry in the fan-favorite Simpsons episode "Homer At The Bat." 27 years later, fans are still laughing at the episode, widely considered one of the show's best.

Alongside the usual crew, the episode also featured an all-star cast of actual baseball players!

Who could ever forget Homer's bravest moment and subsequent unconsciousness?

Twitter users gave credit where credit was due—Mr. Burns played a decisive role in the victory.

Sports fans believe it was the game that defined a generation...

It wouldn't be The Simpsons without some hilarious moments.

It's a good thing Homer was there to fill in for slacker Darryl Strawberry.

The memorabilia surrounding the episode is now as valuable as gold.

Among Simpsons fans, the anniversary of the episode's airing is treated as a festive holiday!

Happy "Homer At The Bat" Day, everyone! May you, like Homer, have the bravery to get hit by a pitch when your moment finally comes.