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Hilarious Meme Perfectly Captures The Insane Standards Women Are Held To Compared To Men

10'000 Hours/Getty Images

Our society is one full of double standards; they're impossible to get away from.

The difference in society's expectations of men and those of women is where this becomes really apparent.

Twitter user Lana Moore, a comedian and musician, started a new meme that has been making the rounds on twitter.

The meme starts out "every woman I know:..." and goes on to list the activities that women are expected to perform.

It then contrasts those with what is expected of men.

The format caught on and users are sharing their comparisons.

There was some criticism of the format as well:

Some just chose to be funny with it.

As usual with memes such as this, there were those who took things in a... much different direction.

The ways that society pressures people to be, and certain things they have to do to be considered worthy, isn't helpful for anyone.

The stresses of trying to do all of the things wear on people, and they make it that much harder to be who they truly want to be.

Memes like this call those standards into question, and help get people thinking about what is really important, and they do so through a lens of humor.