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Former High School Classmates Spiral Into Chaos When One Student Admits To Rigging The 'Senior Superlatives' Votes 13 Years Later


Not joking, one of the superlatives at my school was "Most Likely to Never Leave Our Hometown."

I'm doing some presuming here, but imagine winning that award, internalizing that as your identity and finding out over a decade later that it was a complete hoax.

I'm realizing that the turning of the New Year seems to bring sudden discoveries whether people want them or not.

This guy found out his mom's been stealing his identity, Meat Loaf apparently views himself as a "Sex God," and coyotes are arguably emotional support animals now.

And now, yearbook trolls are coming out of the woodwork on Twitter, spilling the beans and turning a bunch of 31-year-old adults upside down.


We have Twitter user @MarcSnetiker to thank for spreading this whole situation to the internet masses.

Someone in that guy's "High School Class of 2007" Facebook group casually outlined how they and their fellow "Student Leadership Council" members rigged the "Senior Superlatives" their graduating year.

For those who don't remember, think "Best Dressed," "Most Athletic," "Most Likely to Suceed."

See the Facebook post below:


This person posted a brief paragraph, phrased it like an afterthought, sat back and watched.



We can't track down a ton of the carnage that must have went down on that Facebook thread, but that same Twitter user hooked us up with some group chat activity involving people from that same Class of 2007.





Big Ups to this guy's commitment to anonymity, by the way.

Twitter users had plenty of fun watching chaos too.

For one of the best Senior Superlative redos, get Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, available here.