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Guy Mortified After His Attempt To Speak Spanish To Female Grocery Store Cashier Backfires Big Time

Guy Mortified After His Attempt To Speak Spanish To Female Grocery Store Cashier Backfires Big Time
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Google translate is a thing, folks. There are about 200 kajillion online language and translation resources. We have the technology to translate or check a translation right there in our pocket most of the time. Use it, or you'll end up like this guy.

The subreddit TIFU (which stands for "Today I F*&$ed Up") is full of cringeworthy tales of the endless ways people screw things up. Typically, if we're being totally honest, the screw ups are the sort of thing that only happen in a perfect storm of shenanigans. They happen, but aren't likely to happen again and really couldn't have been predicted or avoided.

Sometimes, however, you stumble across a TIFU confession about something so completely avoidable that it kind of leaves you making this face:


That's the situation we find ourselves in today with this thread. A man confessed that, while trying to tell his cashier to have a nice day, he unintentionally shared a very different, and very raunchy sentiment.

Here's his post:

"I'm a Caucasian male, and there's a local grocery store that's predominantly Hispanic. But they have certain foods I like and I go there occasionally to get them. Well I had someone tell me a while back that "chupa mi pito" means "have a nice day" in Spanish. So as I'm checking out, the cashier hands me back my items and I tell her to "chupa mi pito."
"The look on her face was utter disgust. She says something in Spanish and some bag boy comes over and tells me what my problem is. I tell him I just told her have a good day in Spanish and I don't know what's wrong."
"Well I was told chupa mi pito means "suck my d!ck" in Spanish. I apologized relentlessly, but the disgusted looks continued. I walked out of the store to my car in shame. I felt so terrible." - PeePeeThingItches

So yeah, if you thought your Spanish was bad at least you're not this guy (unless you are this guy, in which case... **cringe intensifies**) There's nothing quite as bad as unintentional sexual harassment, right?

Reddit readers were torn about how to respond to this. One camp was convinced the original poster was lying.

"So, you frequent a Hispanic grocery store but know absolutely nothing about the spanish language? How could you not conclude that "chupa mi pito" could not be "have a nice day"? You couldn't conclude that "mi" (literally pronounced "me") wouldn't have something to do with you? I hope you're making this up because you couldn't possibly be that stupid." - fckscotty
"Are you sure this even happened op? Are you sure this isn't a karma grab?" - maracaballs
"Nope. I don't believe your story. Looking at your post history, it really just looks like you're karma farming which means the post is most likely a lie." - I_fix_aeroplanes

Others were just baffled by how, if it was true, a person could be that oblivious and that unwilling to check such a simple phrase for themselves.

"What I find more hilarious is that you never even questioned that. I mean, I don't speak a word of spanish, but this sentence instantly looks suspicious to me. I would expect there to be a día somewhere in "have a nice day" and certainly no "mi" as that screams 1st person possessive pronoun in most western languages. My, mein, mon, ma - mi is the next logical thing, right?" - vaginalforce
"In the movie "My Big fat Greek Wedding", the groom is constantly given Greek phrases to speak by the bride's cousins. None of them mean what he was told. I would never trust anyone after seeing that." - GollyWow
"Lmao I took french and couldn't fill out a Dora coloring book and even I knew that was a suspicious as hell phrase. I looked at that and immediately thought "This motherf*cker is gonna tell her to eat his a$ I bet." I was a bit off, but not by much. I sentence you to 1 month Duolingo lmao." - JuggleTrain
"That was negligence on your part. With so many translation tools at hand it could have easily been verified. That's why her look of disgust did not change. She did not believe you." - netk

We can't say for sure whether the encounter actually happened or not. We will be the first to admit that it sounds suspicious. Having said that, if it did happen, we sincerely hope the original poster learned a lesson and will do some due diligence from now on.

Remember, if you have a smartphone you have access to all sorts of knowledge right there in your pocket. Translations, particularly of simple phrases like "have a nice day" are easily available. A little effort would have gone a long way for this guy.