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Guy's Decision To Hook Up With Woman After She Offers To Pay Him For Sex Blows Up In His Face Big Time

Guy's Decision To Hook Up With Woman After She Offers To Pay Him For Sex Blows Up In His Face Big Time

A 21-year-old guy who was working the midnight shift at his job was bored with the lack of customers.

However, an encounter with a woman who stopped by with a seductive offer changed everything, but not in a good way.

Redditor "throwaway53018" prefaced his TIFU (Today I F'd UP) post by disclosing that he tends to "run into some really weird people" at his place of work.

He played right into this very narrative on this fateful night.

"I work right next to a hotel, so we tend to have people stop by late at night from the hotel."
"I was working last night and a lady in her early 30's came in. I started chatting with her to pass time, since we aren't getting many customers these days. I quickly realized what this lady was trying to do."

The Original Poster (OP) may have appreciated the company to occupy his boredom, but her services beyond that were not required.

"She was trying very hard to be seductive, but she wasn't attractive at all to me. I politely told her I have a girlfriend, a lie to get her to go away, so she left."

But it wasn't the last he saw of her.

"I started talking to one of my coworkers about the crazy lady that just came in, but then she came back, and she came back strong."
"she started telling me to call my girlfriend and ask if it was okay. I obviously told her no. then she said she would pay me $200, and that caught my attention."

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"I'm behind on bills and I really need spare cash. so I f'ked up and said yes. I wait for my coworker to leave and head over to the hotel."
"When I get there, it's obvious she had started drinking while waiting for me, but I do the deed. I totally felt grimy taking the money. not saying that it's bad, just not for me."

Things took a turn, post-coitus.

"After we had finished, I don't know what happened, it's almost like a switch went off in her head and she went full psycho. I get ready to leave, and she just straight up walks out of the room naked and starts walking down the hall."
"So I duck out of a back entrance to avoid dealing with it at all."

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"So then i walk out front and see a POLICE car and my mind instantly freaks out. I happen to live and work in the same city as my parents, and my father is a police officer here. I make it to the car without the officer seeing me and go home."
"I'm thinking damn that was f'king close. I was so wrong."

The OP's father shared an interesting anecdote regarding a woman who was arrested for drunk-driving.

"My dad calls me later that day and asks me if anything interesting happened at work. my mind instantly thinks how the f'k did he find out it was me. but then he starts joking about what the guy was thinking and that she got arrested for a DUI."
"From what I got out of the phone call, she went back to my work saying she was gonna f'k one of the employees and was trying to find me."
"luckily she didn't know my name, but my coworker will definitely know when i go in. My dad finished off with, 'I didn't hear the full story though, I will fill you in with more tomorrow.'"
"I'm so beyond f'ked. My coworkers will know, my dad will know, his coworkers will know, and my employer will know when the police department releases the incident reports this friday. I honestly don't know what to do, I'm f'ked."

Redditors gave their advice on what not to do.

"Okay OP, deny deny deny about the money. You never got paid. It was a hookup."
"You could get in a lot of trouble if you confirm with the police that you were paid. If she paid you in cash then you are in the clear, there is no proof." – dingyflyswat
"Don't even talk to the cops. Get a lawyer." – Jak_n_Dax

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Redditors warned that lying to authorities could have serious consequences.

"Hold up a minute. Lying to the police is definitely NOT a good idea. The punishments for this could be harsh."
"Please don't just assume this guy is correct. If you don't believe me, for whatever reason, do your own research." – Viral_Viper
"AFAIK it's a crime but a very petty one. Unless it's a sting and caught red handed, it may not be worth prosecuting."
"Note that lying to the police is potentially a more severe crime and that will get the OP in trouble."
"Given that the OP did not have any knowledge or personal experience of the woman's crime, ie the DUI, there's no reason to compel the OP to testify. Just refuse to cooperate." – monkChuck105
"Do not lie. At the very least just keep your mouth shut. Do not lie. Do not lie. Do not lie."
"Someone else said it won't even be worth prosecuting and I bet they're right." – ChrisF12000

This user suggested the OP plead the fifth amendment and attached a video in which a Regent University Law professor recommended not talking to the police.

"You should basically never talk to the police." – cardioZOMBIE

Don't Talk to the

"You can definitely lie to the cops. Unless you are a witness, lying is completely legal." – Tylnesh
"Never talk to the police. Talking to them can never be in your benefit, but always to your detriment, no matter what you did or say even if you know you did nothing wrong." – freneticbutfriendly
"The only thing they could possibly charge you with is obstruction of justice, and they have to prove there was a crime to prove obstruction of justice."
"All that being said, it's much better to just not say anything at all, than to lie. They can't force you to tell them anything." – brainiac2025

This informed user suggested to say the following when cops put on the pressure.

"Depending on the jurisdiction and what was said, lying to law enforcement can be a crime. This would be a state crime, but many state's have statutes based off the federal statute 18 U.S.C. 1001 Making False Statements."
"Ultimately, when the police go to ask you questions the only thing you should say is, 'Thank you officer, but I will not speak with you unless I have an attorney present.'"
"When they try to talk you into it, you just say, 'Once again officer, I insist on having an attorney present when speaking to you.' They'll normally drop it at that point, but if they are aggressive they'll occasional say 'fine, then let's call your attorney right now.'"
"At that point you just say, 'I am happy to take your card and if my attorney believes it is appropriate, he will contact you.' Then you leave it at that." – 5had0

The OP gave an update with some bad news.

He lied and forgot about the surveillance cameras.

"I got fired from my job, the hotel called our corporate office. I tried denying at first but like everyone said, cameras. they had my f'king picture with her in the hotel and at my work. I seriously f'ked up."
"I made it home and I realized I have to at least warn my dad before tomorrow, any advice on what to say would help. his coworkers probably already know since there is camera footage. how do I even prepare him for this."
"Well... you can lie obviously about it. But CAMERAS?! Just say 'ok I was horny' and never ever ever mention the money." – swannkai

This is how Redditor "Peaceful-mammoth" sees it.

"Here's your story. She seemed nice and asked you out on a date, you thought it was a bit unusual but haven't had any luck dating recently and really thought you she seemed nice."
"After hanging out for a while she asks you for a ride back to the hotel so she can get dressed before dinner again you thought it was a bit odd but what the hell give the girl a ride."
"To make a long story a little less long, one thing led to another and before you knew it you guys were messing around but before anything actually happened she went into the bathroom and like 3 minutes later stormed out and just barged out of the room so you simply drove home and wrote the whole Incident off as another reminder to always ask your dad to check the police database before getting stuck with the nutjobs."
The hotel got slammed for their intervention.
"It's bs. Not the prostition or the dui, but the hotel contacting his work with pictures. The hotel doing anythjng at all. Even caring." – literallyJon
"Hotels are in the business of discretion...."
"So they aren't sending or even looking without a warrant." – Zunniest

Maybe the OP will get off easy.

"Unless the woman is the most unattractive thing in town, I imagine any dad will just laugh it off assuming you were safe."
"His coworkers will probably just tease him for a while. Even in conservative towns dudes get a pass on these things."
"Now if this chick was hella ugly, dad will probably be angry." – sandsurfngbomber

We have bigger fish to fry.

"Yeah I mean who cares really. As long as he doesn't confess to exchanging sex for money."
"All he has to admit was that she wanted to hook up and he agreed. If it really comes down to it. But I doubt thatd investigate something so silly."
"She'll just get charged for the DUI and that'll be that. We have much worse things to worry about right now. Much much worse things." – Inkedlovepeaceyo
So much for social distancing.