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Commuters Left Disgusted After Guy Brushes His Teeth And Spits All Over Subway Platform

Commuters Left Disgusted After Guy Brushes His Teeth And Spits All Over Subway Platform
The man brushing his teeth on a Tube platform (Melissa Thermidor/PA)

Commuting is not fun. People do weird things in public transportation so it comes as no surprise to hear subway horror stories like this one.

A commuter has been criticized for cleaning his teeth and spitting on the floor of a busy London Tube (subway) station during rush hour. And, it is gross.

Melissa Thermidor, a social media lead for the NHS Blood and Transport team, spotted the man on her morning commute. She was waiting for a Northern line service from Euston when she saw him cleaning his teeth, without water, on the platform.

Now, I understand that you might be rushed in the morning but maybe wait until you are in a bathroom to go through your morning routine? Just an idea.

“I couldn't believe what I was seeing," Thermidor told the PA news agency. “He then proceeded to spit on the platform and boarded the next train. People just sort of shifted but no-one said anything. I didn't see any toothpaste but he could've applied it beforehand."

Thermidor said she was left shocked and concerned.


“As someone who works for the NHS I was concerned about health and safety," she said. “Plus someone could've slipped and there's the issue around germs as well. I hope he's OK but also think that the Tube isn't the place for this sort of behavior."

“It's important that everyone is able to travel comfortably and we run regular Considerate Travel campaigns to raise awareness of how we can make traveling easier for fellow passengers," transport for London's chief customer officer, Mark Evers, said.

He continued:

“This includes encouraging people to look up to see if a fellow passenger may be struggling to stand and needs a seat, and encouraging people not to play loud music, eat smelly food or wear a backpack on a crowded vehicle. Clearly, spitting is unacceptable behavior and is completely at odds with the work we do to ensure everyone has a pleasant journey."

All I have to say is: