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Kimberly Guilfoyle Has Eyes Rolling After Claiming Latinos 'Have Never Done Better' Than Under Trump's Leadership

Kimberly Guilfoyle—Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend who was also subsequently hired as a senior campaign advisor to President Donald Trump—gave an interview on Wednesday, May 6, during which she made some pretty hard-to-defend statements.

During the interview, Guilfoyle claimed:

"Latinos have never done better than under President Trump."

Unfortunately there were just a couple past incidents that got in the way of Guilfoyle's point.

President Trump and the Latinx community have not always seen eye to eye.

Though Trump's benefits from the economic upturn created by President Obama gave him some good early numbers, his mishandling of the recent pandemic left a lot of those gains behind.

Trump literally began his campaign by attacking the Latinx community.

Many felt Guilfoyle's claim would be better framed as a hilarious joke.

It's also worth remembering that Guilfoyle would never have a job at the White House if she wasn't dating a member of the President's family.

Despite these innumerable offenses against the Latinx community, Trump is confident they will vote for him in November.

Once the election arrives, the President will get to see whether Guilfoyle is correct.

The book American Racism: Being Brown in Trump's America is available here.