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Grandma Gifts Trans Grandson With Raggedy Ann Doll Modified To Be Just Like Him ❤️

Grandma Gifts Trans Grandson With Raggedy Ann Doll Modified To Be Just Like Him ❤️
Portland Press Herald via Getty Images, @ToriLars/Twitter

When a friend or family member accepts you for who you are, that validation can comfort us so we can sleep at night.

But when someone goes out of their way to show you just how much they embrace you for being you—regardless of gender identification or sexuality—it's enough to warrant happy tears.

Twitter user @Snepblep shared a story of just such acceptance on Christmas day. @Snepblep is a transgender male whose grandmother showed affection for her grandson in an epic way.

The Raggedy Ann doll the grandmother previously gave him as a child received a trans makeover this Christmas.

Grandma cut the doll's hair, gave him pants and replaced the sewn name on its chest to indicate the man's chosen name: Gabe.

Gabe posted on Twitter:

"So when I was a kid I, I had a raggedy Ann doll given to me by my grandmother. It had my birth name embroidered into a heart on it's chest."
"This Christmas my Grandmother borrowed it and gave it back, now with pants, shorter hair, and my new name sewn in place. Hes trans, like me"

The new sewing job declares the doll's affection for Gabe – "I love Gabe."@Snepblep/Twitter

Gabe also received additional stocking stuffers from Grandma touting his chosen name, including an engraved pocket knife and a T-shirt that reads:

"I'm Gabe doing Gabe things."

Gabe's Christmas post went viral with over 119k likes and gained much adoration in the comments that followed.

It was the perfect holiday story people were looking for.

Grandma instantly became idolized for winning Christmas.

It's settled, then.

Everyone wants Gabe's Grandma.

This Grandmother gets it and Gabe is the luckiest grandson to have such a wonderful support system in his life.

We all love Gabe and his Grandma!