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GOP Rep. Admits He Barricaded Himself In Bathroom With Antique Civil War Sword During Capitol Riot

GOP Rep. Admits He Barricaded Himself In Bathroom With Antique Civil War Sword During Capitol Riot
Zach Gibson/Getty Images

An anti-LGBTQ lawmaker from Arkansas said he barricaded and armed himself with a Civil War-era sword during the U.S. Capitol siege on January 6.

The New York Times said Republican Representative Bruce Westerman fled to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's office when the MAGA mob breached the Capitol.

The insurrectionists were encouraged by former President Donald Trump's orders to take back the country after he repeatedly spread false claims of a rigged election.

When the rioters battered their way into the building, McCarthy was led from his office by his security team to a safer location.

But Westerman was somehow left behind to fend for himself.

An excerpt from the New York Times article read:

"After the House chamber was evacuated on Jan. 6, Mr. McCarthy retreated to his Capitol office with a colleague, Representative Bruce Westerman, Republican of Arkansas."
"When it became evident the rioters were breaking in, Mr. McCarthy's security detail insisted he leave."
"But Mr. Westerman was left behind in Mr. McCarthy's inner work area, he said in a recent interview."
"For protection, Mr. Westerman said he commandeered a Civil War sword from an office display, barricaded himself in Mr. McCarthy's private bathroom and waited out the siege while crouched on the toilet."

While allegedly perched atop the toilet so as not to have his feet visible from under the stall door, Westerman tweeted:

"Americans will always disagree on politics, but violently storming our nation's Capitol is absolutely unacceptable."
"People are getting hurt. Enough."

Queerty noted how the Republican politician is notorious for his antigay views—including his belief LGBTQ people should not be entitled to having nondiscrimination protections.

He called the Obama Administration's directive allowing transgender students in schools to use the bathroom of their gender identity "a move that promotes perversion."

Westerman is also opposed to the Equality Act—the legislation that bans discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation and gender identity—and strongly believes a marriage should only be between a cisgender man and a cisgender woman.

He also thinks Arkansas should not allow same-sex couples to form civil unions as an alternative to marriage.

Twitter ruthlessly mocked Westerman for his armed disappearing act inside a toilet stall.

Social media users were also quick to point out his complicity in the Capitol siege.

The storming of the Capitol was an attempt by Trump supporters—including White supremacists, White nationalists and QAnon adherents—to interfere with Congress certifying Joe Biden's Electoral College win.

More than 140 people were injured during the riot and five people lost their lives as a result—including a Capitol Police officer.