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House Republicans have recently traveled to Baltimore for a party retreat and, perhaps feeling a little bit "fun" on their big vacation, have decided to get a little bit cheeky with their Wifi password at the local Marriott.

Washington Post reporter Rachel Bade was walking through the hotel's lobby and found that the password had been reset to a reference to a line from a recent Donald Trump rally:


Of course, many Twitter users felt the Republicans had failed to make any real point with their password.

Others pointed out that communal WiFi seemed a little bit...socialist?

Of course, the GOP hates socialism until they have to bail out farmers because of their own trade policies.

There's nothing Republicans won't do to themselves to own the libs!

Many people pointed out that the password, whether or not you agreed with its message, was just badly constructed.

And that strangely long password?

It's not even accurate as written.

Meanwhile, as always, Twitter sounded off on various political hypocrisies.

But if there's one thing we can agree on at the end of the day, it's that this is just a bad password...

...though it does sum up the GOP pretty well.

Like having roads, airports, public schools, fire departments? This shirt is available here.



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