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Bizarre Story About Trump Fearing He Would Be 'Cut In Two' By Laser Beam At Casino Goes Viral

Bizarre Story About Trump Fearing He Would Be 'Cut In Two' By Laser Beam At Casino Goes Viral
Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images

A revealing op-ed written by Professor Joe Goldblatt—whose firm produced the opening of Donald Trump's Taj Mahal Resort and Casino in 1990—was published in The Scotsman with a hilarious story of Trump's reaction to the stage laser lights.

Goldblatt described the opening production plan with "Eye of the Tiger" chosen to play as Trump entered the stage to rub the giant lamp while laser light beams shot onto a large trick bow to give the appearance they cut it with the lasers.

He noted there was a warning by other staff to not speak to Trump, though he did so he could direct the mogul on safety measures.

The results were, well...

Goldbatt wrote:

"His theme music, 'Eye of the Tiger', began blaring from loudspeakers and as the bright green beams projected over his large head, Trump began his walk toward the 5,000 members of his staff. However, a mishap occurred and suddenly the laser beams dropped by a metre and appeared to project through Trump's midsection."

He elaborated on how the practice (and Trump) went down:

"Upon seeing this he immediately dropped to his knees, seemingly in fear of being severed in two by the powerful beams."
"I called out from the wings 'It is all right, stand up and give your speech.' He looked at me with genuine fear and then rose, walked to the lectern and, though obviously shook up, delivered his usual rant."

Prior to the practice Goldblatt had told Trump "to always look forward because we would be shooting laser beams over his head and if he looked backward he might be blinded by the strong burning lights."

No one expected "The Don" to take things so literally.

Although, since he did and the story came out, Twitter is having some much needed laughs over what most would think of as a no-brainer.

The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey went bankrupt and closed in 2016 later becoming a Hard Rock Casino.

Goldblatt also noted—consistent with a lengthy pattern of alleged non-payment— Trump threatened to not pay for the work by Goldblatt and his firm either.