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Morning Show's Super Cringey Interview With Climate Activist Is Straight Out Of 'Don't Look Up'

Morning Show's Super Cringey Interview With Climate Activist Is Straight Out Of 'Don't Look Up'
Good Morning Britain/Twitter; Don't Look Up/Netflix

Life imitated art in the most unfortunate way on a recent episode of Good Morning Britain.

Climate activist Miranda Whelehan was a guest on the news program to promote Just Stop Oil, an environmental activism movement that describes itself as "a coalition of groups working together to ensure the Government commits to halting new fossil fuel licensing and production."

Whelehan attempted to explain the group's mission and the urgent need for humanity to stop using fossil fuels.

But presenter Richard Madeley all but dismissed the cause, calling it "quite childish."

You can see the segment here:

As reported by The Wrap, viewers quickly likened the exchange to the 2021 Netflix disaster film Don't Look Up, in which climate scientists played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence appear on a morning talk show to warn the public about an impending natural disaster, only to be dismissed and belittled by the show's hosts.

Similarly to Whelehan, Lawrence's character snaps when the hosts make jokes about the planet's impending doom.

On Twitter, MSNBC and The Mehdi Hasan Show host Mehdi Hasan posted a side by side comparison of a scene from the movie and Whelehan's Good Morning Britain appearance.

You can see it here:

People were not impressed by the GMB hosts and were clearly on the side of climate activists.

On the Just Stop Oil site, the group uses a quote from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change, Sixth Assessment Report to explain why their movement is needed.

“The scientific evidence is unequivocal: climate change is a threat to human wellbeing and the health of the planet. Any further delay in concerted global action will miss a brief and rapidly closing window to secure a liveable future."

Climate change is becoming a bigger and and more urgent issue as time goes on, but few world leaders are willing to address or take notable action against it.

Hopefully Whelehan's work will help convince more people to trust in science.